Today is the Day!

Wednesday March 29 – Dine to Donate at Five Guys Burgers and Fries on Gardiners Road starts at 5:30 tonight, where $1 from every burger sold between 5:30 and 8:30 will come back to the league. Tell your friends, tell your relatives, tell your friends relatives to come out for a delicious burger and support our league at the same time. See you there!

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Past Award Winners

The past award winners tab on the web site (click the “about us” tab on the menu bar and you will see the “Past Award Winners” tab) has been updated. You now can browse to look at the past award winners that we have records of up to and including this season. Free Throw and Two Ball Tournament winners have not been added yet, but all other awards are there.

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Toronto Dominion Bank Donation

This week we were presented a cheque by the Toronto Dominion Bank for $1000 to help us in the work that we do with the youth in the city. Thank you TD for believing in our program and the dream that Don “Pete” Petersen had of providing a safe and affordable place for the children of his community to learn the game of basketball. This donation goes a long way to allowing us to continue to make that dream a reality! We are happy to add The Toronto Dominion Bank to our list of sponsors on our web site.

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St. Pat’s Celebration

A reminder that the event to celebrate the history of St. Pat’s School is coming up on May 28th, with a celebratory mass at 10:30, followed by an open house at the school until 2:30. If you have any stories that you want to share about your experiences or time at St. Pat’s please contact Shelly Crowson at the school or by email at

The school is also selling T shirts for $10 and Hoodies for $45 to commemorate the event. These can be ordered through Shelly as well, or through Shannon Hurley, BUT MUST BE ORDERED BY THE END OF MARCH. Thanks!

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Award Winners From the March 5 Banquet

The Don “Pete” Petersen Trophy:
Little Guys: Emmitt Irwin and Grady Irwin
Little Gals: Sherrilyn Platt
Girls: Karen Gilbert
Biddy: Adam Mignault
Graduate: Dave Noble

Queen’s University Basketball Camp
Little Guys: Charlie McCarron – Rebels
Little Gals: Arlie Mooney – Rebels
Girls: Justine Beaubien – Liberty
Biddy: Evan Nitschke – Grizzlies
Graduate: Jackson Hollywood – Sixers

The Referee’s Trophy: Coach of the Year
Little Guys: Rebels – Shawn Hollywood and Jackson Hollywood
Little Gals: Tigers – Gloria DeMatos and Justus VanHeddegem
Girls: Liberty -Kim Simpson
Biddy: Cavaliers – Paul Medeiros and Madison Benoit
Graduate: Warriors – Christian Webster and Michael Rowsell

The Guy Wells Trophy: sportsmanship, fair play, team play and leadership.
(female winner) – Nancy Li
(male winner) – Jonathan O’Neill

The Tony Pettitt Award: to recognize the contributions of a non-coaching, adult volunteer. Mary O’Neill – Howlett and Liz Allport

Holy Cross Secondary School Spring League and Summer Camps
Little Guys: Brett Anderson – Wolfpack
Little Gals: Riley Claessen – Aztecs
Girls: Georgia Mates- Mercury
Biddy: Riley Webb – Ravens
Graduate: Finn Ferrall – Heat

The Bill MacLeod Memorial Cup: “Just for the Fun of it”
Little Guys: Dylan Blackwell – Wolfpack
Little Gals: Avery Vivian – Rockers
Girls: Kendra Platt – Sparks
Biddy: Gabriel Merjevac – Tarheels and Kaleb Booth – Ravens
Graduate: Lucas Medeiros – Warriors and Jude Wheeler-Dee – Hawks

The Lenny Falcoa Award : TEAM OF THE YEAR
Little Guys: Wolfpack
Little Gals: Rebels
Girls: Storm
Biddy: Tarheels
Graduate: Celtics and Sixers

Regiopolis Notre Dame summer basketball camp.
Little Guys: Seth Cox – Tarheels
Little Gals: Katrina LaLonde – Tigers
Girls: Chelsea Turcotte – Storm
Biddy: T.J. Tapper – Suns
Graduate: Aiden Christmas – Bulls

Two Ball Champions and Runners-up :
Little Guys Champions: Ben Koolen and Carter Cassidy
Little Guys Runners-up: Adam Mignault and Andrew Gilmour
Little Gals Champions: Taylor Hollywood and Bryar McCullough
Little Gals Runners-up: Taylor Novak and Rayne Davison
Girls Champions: Miranda Steele and Cassey Stretch
Girls Runners-up: Tiyonna Beleza and Mackenzie Thompson
Biddy Champions: Zach Flake and Sam Tan
Biddy Runners-up: Ben and Zac Hearst-Scott
Graduate Champions: Grady McAuley and Sam Playter
Graduate Runners-up: Jonathan O’Neill and Cameron Scott

Trinity Van Heddegem Memorial Award for the Little Gals Rookie of the Year.
Morgan Ferguson and
Megan Burtch

The Gerry Besselink Award : Given for effort, respect and dedication to the league.

Miles Brackenbury

St. Lawrence Basketball Camp
Little Guys: Kye Jarvis – Wildcats
Little Gals: Cameron Spinelli – Monarchs
Girls: Hayley Torres – Starzz
Biddy: Delali Afidenyo – Ravens
Graduate: Rowan Lloyd – Heat

The Bucky Spencer Memorial Free Throw Champions:
Boys 8 years: Samuel Sousa – Mustangs
Boys 9 years: Mason Irvine – Jayhawks
Boys 10 years: Jack Flynn – Tarheels
Boys 11 years: Jack Burt- Tarheels
Boys 12 years: Christopher Kerstens – Cavaliers
Boys 13 years: Jude Wheeler-Dee – Hawks
Boys 14 years: Caden Badour – Sixers
Boys 15 years: Jacob Corby – Celtics
Girls 8 years: Haley Kehoe – Tigers
Girls 9 years: Lauren Dennis – Golden gals
Girls 10 years: Marlina Reis – Lions
Girls 11 years: Jessica Asuncion – Monarchs
Girls 12 years: Peja Middaugh – Comets
Girls 13 years: Jennifer House-Comets
Girls 14 years: Baylee White- Monarchs

Most Improved Players
Little Guys: Adam Castonquay – Hoosiers
Little Gals: Tatum Vallier – Tigers
Girls: Kate Selkirk – Sting
Biddy: Linton Funk – Grizzlies and William LeBlanq – Vikings
Graduate: Henry Seymour – Hawks

The Most Valuable Players
Little Guys: Noah Stevenson – Tarheels and Noah Hyde – Mustangs
Little Gals: Charlotte Cantarutti – Golden Gals
Girls: Savannah Medley – Monarchs
Biddy: Christopher Kerstens – Cavaliers
Graduate: Jacob Corby – Celtics

The Most Sportsmanlike Players
Little Guys: Owen Thiele – Jayhawks
Little Gals: Marlina Reis – Lions and Camilla Purdy – Slammers
Girls: Katie Duttle – Comets
Biddy: Archie French – Suns and Emmitt Irwin – Vikings
Graduate: Ethan Kelsey- Bulls and Cody Hilliard – Sixers

The Carm Londry Trophy: player that shares the ball
Little Guys: Max Sohriadis – Huskies
Little Gals: Vanessa Tapper – Aztecs
Girls: Tiyonna Beleza – Starzz
Biddy: Zach Flake – Raptors and Jake Playter – Vikings
Graduate: Cameron McParlan – Warriors and Basil Pinkerton – Hawks

The Top Defensive Players
Little Guys: Andrew Gilmour – Wildcats and Jack Molson – Rebels
Little Gals: Allie Thurlby – Rebels
Girls: Madison Valyear – Sting
Biddy: Bill McIlroy – Magic
Graduate: Matt Chodkowski – Heat

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Girls Division Scores

Results of Games Played Wednesday March 1

Storm 36 (Chelsea Turcotte 10, Emma Lake 8, Maya Sousa 6, Sarah Morris 4, Taylor Moffatt 2, Kaitlyn Baker 2, Emma Baker 2, Livia Taylor 2); Liberty 26 (Miranda Steele 10, Justina Beaubien 6,Melanie Oleschuk 2,Ella Sampson 2, Sadie Watkins Southward 2,
Mary Drum 2,Mikayla Brown 2)

Starzz 27 (Mackenzie Thompson 8, Hayley Torres 7, Ella Take 4, Haleigh Gilbert 4 , Tiyonna Beleza 2,Rhys Baker 2); Mercury 11 (Georgeia Mates 5, Sabina Jozsa 4, Kendra Baird 2)

Sting 33 (Jada English 10, Isabella Raposo 6, Sadie De Arruda 4, Madisen Valyear 4, Amelia Diaz 3, Harley Briscoe Sicard 2, Alsion Schick 2, Samantha Nicholson 2); Monarchs 25 (Savannah Medley 5, Ava Cabral 4, Randi Brown 4, Baylee White 2, Jessica Asuncion 2, Caitlin Wilson 2, Lexi Dunn 2, Jocelyn Knox2, Rebecca Mia Daigle 2)

Comets 25 (Latie Duttle 5, Ava Handley 4, Riah Ling Horsnby 4, Alex Cantarutti 4, Ava Shaver 2, Abbygail Sharrock 2, MacKenzie Duttle 2, Jennifer Howse 2); Sparks 20 (Cassey Stretch 8, Sophie Peters 8, Madison Young 2, Samantha Daly 2)

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Little Guys Division Scores

Results of Games Played Tuesday February 28, 2017

Hoosiers 38 (Elijah Freeland 14, Nic Campeau 6, Matthew Rowsell 4, Lucas Repetti 4, Marcus Repetti 2, Adam Castoneuay 2, James Webb 2, Cory Whan 2, Nathan Turcotch 2); Wolfpack 17 (Owen Wallace 6, Ryan Murphy 5, Henry Yanovsky-Ball 2, Brett Anderson 2, Kaiden Cox 2)

Jayhawks 26 (Ben Koolen 6, Cole Brunet 6, Owen Thiele 4, Carter Cassidy 4, Lucas Nault 4, Kaden Byne 2); Mustangs 25
(Noah Hyde 13, Jacob Gilbert 4, Dylan Suarez 2, Jack Raycraft 2, Andrew St. Germain 2, Noah Kahlen 2)

Tarheels 32 (Noah Stevens 12, Sacha Payne 6, Parker Hollywood 4, Jack Flynn 4, Keaghan Spellman 2, Ollie Butler 2, Otto French 2); Huskies 21 (Maximus Sohriadis 10, Ryan Badour 3, Matthew Tenenhouse 2, Adam Hendry 2, James Bates 2, Harrison Nichols 2)

Rebels 25 (Adam Mignault 17, Jack Molson 6, Aiden Knott 2); Wildcats 25 (Nicholas Chalmers 8, Andrew Gilmour 6, Ben Murray 3, Kye Jarvis 2, Yabsira Montalvo 2, Nicholas Sikkema 2, Carson Deszpoth 2)

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Biddy Division Scores

Results of Games Played Monday February 27, 2017

Grizzlies 26 (Linton Funk 8, Evan Nitschke 6, Brody McCullough 4, David John Henry 4, Gavin Collins 2, Carson Stevenson 2); Ravens 26 (Riley Webb 9, Delali Afidenyo 7, Kamrin Lancastle 4, Landen Dennie 4, William Jackson 2)

Cavaliers 29 (Christopher Kerstens 6, Benjamin Hyde 6, Graydon Garrett 4, Nolan Fox 3, Darcy English 2, Noah Benoit 2, Matti Saraka 2, Matthew Mignault 2, Dashiell Giguere 2); Magic 22 (Conor Murphy 10, Bill McIlroy 4, Aaren Beleza 2, Jacob Free 2, Jacob Freeman 2, Ethan Dennis 2)

Raptors 57 (Benjamin Hearst – Scott 16, Austin Mooney 16, Zach Flake 14, Zachary Hearst-Scott 5, Derwin Fernandes 2, Lucas Kirkland 2); Vikings 51 (Emmitt Irwin 13, Jake Playter 10, Griffin Preston 7, Jack Sheppard 6, Evan Warren 6, William LeBlanq 4, Aidan Moorhead 4)

Tarheels 32 (Ben Mignault 8, Jack Burt 6, Sam Corrigan 4, Gabriel Merjevac 4, Jacob Seymour 4, Nicholas Goslin 4, Zachary Corby 2); Suns 27 (Cole Carter 6, Jacob Stelter 5, T.J. Tapper 4, Adam Nuttall 4, Sam Harris 4, Dylan Graham 2, Evan Joy 2)

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Graduate Division Scores

Results of Games Played Monday February 27, 2017
Warriors 46 (Cameron McParlan 8, Josh Fowlow 8, Matthew Sutton 7, Jacob Green 5, Lucas Medeiros 5, Ben Kanellos 5, Connor Reynolds 4, Sam Fowlow 2, Jack Mason 2); Heat 36 (Ryota Udo 10, Finn Ferral 8, Matt Chodkowski 6, Guilherme Righetto 6, Rowan Lloyd 4, Griffin Santyr 2)
Sixers 59 (Tyler Badour 19, Cody Hilliard 14, Sadettin Unlvuaya 10, Jackson Hollywood 4, Cameron Scott 4, Jackson LaFontaine 4, Brendan Dalton 2, Maxwell Minicola 2)
Hawks 51 (Sam Playter 17, Sam Forsyth 14, Grady McAuley 10, Basil Pinkerton 4, Jude Wheeler-Dee 4, Lewis Pinkerton 2)
Celtics 53 (Jacob Corby 29, Casey Irvin 12, Ollie Take 6, Zack Napier 2, Hue Davies-Phinney 2, James Fair 2); Bulls 38 (Branden Nicholson 14, Jack Thurlby 9, Ehtan Kelsey 5, Seth Dean 4, Taylor Harman 4, Jonathan O’Neill 2)

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Girls Division Scores

Results of Games Played Wednesday February 22, 2017

Sting 33 (Jada English 16, Samantha Nicholson 6, Amelia Diaz 4, Isabella Raposo 3, Alison Schick 2, Daniela Suarez 2); Sparks 29 (Sophie Peters 8, Maya Espejo 8, Casey Stretch 4, Olivia Whitfield 4, Samantha Daly 2,Kanzy Raby Elmaghraby 2, Kendra Platt 1)

Storm 35 (Emma Lake 14, Cheyanne Yonick-Fenton 6, Chelsea Turcotte 5, Sarah Morris 4,Maya Sousa 2, Madeleine Farrell 2,Kaitlyn Baker 1, Nancy Li 1); Mercury 27 (Arwen Robinson 10, Sabina Jozsa 4, Breena Silver-Smith 4, Kendra Baird 3, Ryleigh Stringer 2, Suzanne Pinder 2, Molly Brooks 2)

Starzz 28 (Mackenzie Thompson 12, Haleigh Gilbert 4, Haylie Silva 4, Tiyonna Beleza 2, Hayley Torres 2, Ella Take 2, Olivia Kelsey 2); Comets 18 (Jennifer Howse 8, Abbygail Sharrock 6,Mia Cantarutti 2, Trinity Wheeler 2)

Liberty 51 (Miranda Steele 18, Kawtar Semlali 8, Ocean Bowman 8, Justina Beaubien 8, Ella Sampson 4, Melanie Oleschuk 3, Sadie Watkins Southward 2); Monarchs 36 (Savannah Medley 26, Jessica Asuncion 5, Lexi Dunn 2, Jocelyn Knox 2, Emma Reynolds 1)

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