February Newsletter

Banquet 2011
The 56th Annual Awards Banquet and Hot Dog Feast will take place this year on Sunday February 27th at Our Lady of Fatima Parish Hall (off Division Street beside Performance Imports). The doors to the hall will open at noon and we ask that everyone be there no later than 12:30. Everyone is welcome to attend this very special celebration of the season. In past years we have been finished shortly after 3 pm.

Registration 2011
Registration for the 2011 – 2012 season of the Knights of Columbus Basketball League will be held on Saturday September 10 from 9- 10:30 at St. Patrick’s School. The ages for the season will be the age that the player will be on April 1, 2012. We plan on advertising in the Kingston Whig Standard Fall Activity Guide so you can look for our announcement there and the countdown clock will also be in place again on the league web site at www.justforthefunofit.ca.

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In January we had the pleasure of having two St. Lawrence College students, Danika Day and Shanika Dopwell work with us on banquet preparation tasks as well as setting up a Facebook page for the league. Their work was greatly appreciated and we now have a complementary site to our web page to get information out to the members of the league. We will continue to operate both the web page and the Facebook page, and we hope that as players and parents you will use both sites. The Facebook page will be used for communicating any game cancellations and upcoming events. We will post photos from the league and the banquet on both as well. We are very grateful for the work done by Danika and Shanika this year, and by John Capobianco in setting up and maintaining our web site since its inception. If you have ideas for things that you would like to see included please contact us.

Golf Tournaments
This year there will be two golf tournaments held in support of the basketball league. The league sponsored tournament will be held on Friday July 8th at the Inverary Golf and Country Club, with a cost of $95 per person. Included in this price is a golf cart and a barbeque lunch. Rick Hollywood is the contact person for this event and entry forms should be available at the banquet.

Again this year Fanatics Sports Lounge will be sponsoring a golf tournament in support of our league. This tournament will be held on Monday August 8th at the Glen Lawrence Golf and Country Club. It is a 12 noon shotgun start and the $110 per person cost includes a cart and dinner. Fanatics Sports Lounge is the contact point for this event and entry forms should be available at the banquet or later from Fanatics.

Both events were well attended last year and all participants reported having a good time regardless of their scores. Our thanks to Rick and Heather Hollywood for organizing the league tournament and to Matt Day at Fanatics for his commitment to the league.

Coaching the Coaches Clinic

Once again this year Frank Halligan of Coaching the Coaches is running a basketball coaching clinic at the end of April. Here are the details:
2011 Basketball Coaching Conference
Friday April 29 to Saturday April 30, 2011
Clinic Staff will include:

Ken Shields – Canadian Basketball Hall of Fame Coach
Dave Deaveiro – McGill University Head Coach
Lori Gear McBride – University of Vermont Head Coach
Stephan Barrie – University of Western Head Coach
Roy Rana – Canadian U17 Men’s Head Coach and Ryerson University Head Coach

The conference will be held at the Queen’s University Athletic Complex. There will be practical on court sessions, theoty sessions, a coaches social and sport exhibitors.

You can register online at

Coaching bios and full agenda can be viewed at

This is a great opportunity for you to join basketball coaches from Canada and the United States for an informative and enjoyable clinic.

The past clinics have offered lots of opportunities to learn more about coaching and a chance to come away with ideas that can be applied at all levels of coaching.

We want to thank two new supporters of our programme for their donations of hockey tickets this year to help with our fund raising. The first is Louise Stevens from Russel Metals on Dalton Avenue, who has generously donated four Club Seats for a Kingston Frontenacs game February 18th. This is the first year Louise has been involved with our league and we appreciate this donation.
The second person that we wish to thank is Andrew Davies, the president of Thomco Pallet and Box in Tweed. He has very generously donated a pair of tickets to the Ottawa Senators game against the Pittsburg Penguins on March 15 which includes parking and access to “Club Red”, the members restaurant where you can reserve a table for an intermission. You will have a chance to win these tickets at the Banquet for a donation to the league.

The Canteen
One of the nice things about our league is the canteen. It has become a place where parents can enjoy a coffee or tea from a mug, and a chat during the games with Marg Millar, one of only four “keepers of the canteen” that I can recall from my time with the league. For many years Marg has been there as a volunteer four nights a week – stocking the drinks, chips and the licorice that we all enjoy, and making the coffee and tea. Marg has also looked after the selling of raffle tickets, the distribution of prizes and the collection of donations every night. On behalf of everyone associated with the league, thank you for what you have contributed to the success of our programme.

All of us involved with the Knights of Columbus Basketball League hope each of you has had an enjoyable season of basketball. We would not have been able to do what we do without the people who volunteer their time every night to coach, referee, score, time set up the chairs and sweep the floors. Thank you for doing that. If your playing career is over now, consider coming back to help out, not only for the volunteer hours, but because it is an opportunity to give something back to the community that we all live in.

Muhammad Ali said “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” We need your help. If you think that you would like to get involved, please contact me through the web site or through our facebook page. We are looking for people to help convene and referee several of our nights. Many people who have started being referees in our league have gone on to be officials in the local referee association.

Enjoy the off season, and we hope to see you again in September.

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