Kingston Gets Active FREE Activity Pass for Grade 5 and Grade 9 Players

We have been contacted by Mairi MacDonald and Annie Macauley, fourth year students studying Kinesiology and Health Studies at Queen’s University. They are currently working on a project for our Community-Based Physical Activity Promotion Course, working with Kingston Gets Active to promote the free Grade 5 and 9 Physical Activity Pass. The goal of this community outreach project is to increase the awareness and use of the pass in Kingston.
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For more information on the Activity Pass and Kingston Gets Active, see below.
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Some details:
What is the Activity Pass?
Effective November 1st, all grade 5 and 9 students from all local schools have free access to participating facilities at designated times. All they need is their activity pass card (grade 5) or student card (grade 9), which are provided by the school board and registered through Kingston Gets Active. This is a really great opportunity to stay active and have fun!
What is Kingston Gets Active?
Kingston Gets Active is a not-for-profit group of community organizations that work together to promote physical activity in Kingston. For more information about Kingston Gets Active, you can refer to their website:
We would love to provide more information for those involved in your club. We are able to speak to club members and participating youth in person or through e-mail to provide more information on the Grade 5 and 9 Activity Passes.
Where and when can you use the Activity Pass?
Grade 5 Community Activity Pass Schedule:
Grade 9 Community Activity Pass Schedule:

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