Registration 2012 Update

Registration today was a huge success! As of 3 pm Saturday September 8 here is where we stand. The Girls Division (Girls 11-14) is full, as is the waiting list for that division. We are taking no more applications for this season. The Little Guys Division (boys 8-10) is also full but there are still six places left on their waiting list. If anyone currently registered in the Little Guys group as a ten year old wants to move to the Biddy Division (boys 11-12) contact Roland Billings. The Little Gals Division (girls 8-10) currently has 58 of their 96 places filled, The Biddy Division (boys 11-12) has 70 of their 96 places filled and the Graduate Division (boys 13-15) has 52 of their 60 spaces filled. All of the ages above are the age that the player will be April 1, 2012. Thanks to the volunteers that helped set up and man the tables, and to the parents for their patience while we completed the process.

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