St. Lawrence Basketball Clinic

On Saturday October 20th, the St. Lawrence College Men’s Basketball Team gave up a Saturday morning, in the middle of hosting a tournament , to hold two free clinics for players from the Knights of Columbus Basketball League. Led by coach Barry Smith, the players worked with their younger counterparts for three hours, forging friendships and memories on both sides that will long be remembered. St. Lawrence College has had a long commitment to minor basketball in our community, and two current players, along with assistant coach Kevin Smart, are graduates of our program. Watching them return to the gym where they played as children, (Coach Smart with his own daughter and nephew in tow), was great to see, and the current league players were certainly impressed that the former players had come back to help the league.

Coach Smith knows that we try to keep the cost of our program affordable for everyone, and bringing the team to our gym for a free clinic reinforced his understanding of what we offer. In these days of elite athletes at all levels of competition feeling entitled and pampered, it was refreshing to see the smiles and hear the laughter in the gym from everyone present as these athletes so willingly gave back to the next generation of basketball players and fans. Thanks guys, and good luck with the rest of your season! Your fan base certainly grew on Saturday.

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