There are some basic points that all parents, players and supporters need to understand before the season begins. We want this year to be a positive experience for everyone involved with the league, and following these items will help ensure that happens. We ask that the adults reading this section of the newsletter please review the contents with your athletes.

1) All players, coaches and supporters are to enter and leave St. Pat’s school by the back door located at the south west end of the building. Access by car is at the north end of the upper school parking lot. Under no circumstances are cars to drive on the field behind the school. Damage was done to the yard in the past by vehicles driving on the field after games. Specific access instructions for Ecole Cathedrale will be reviewed with the Graduate Division players and supporters during player evaluation night activity.
2) Lock your car. We have had items stolen from vehicles in the past that were parked in the parking area behind the school. Do not leave items in plain sight within the vehicle.
3) Players should not leave valuables or items of value in the dressing room. Leave them at home, bring them to the bench area, or leave them with an adult who may have come with you to the game. The dressing rooms are shared facilities during the evening for all teams.

4) As we move into the winter season, watch the weather and make your decision to come to games based on the current conditions in your area. We will post any cancellations on the web page and the facebook page as quickly as we can.
5) Because of security issues last season, we are restricted to the area immediately around the gym on game nights. The convenors will review the washroom locations with each division, but under no circumstances are we allowed into the school during games. Alarms will sound if the door to the main school is opened, or if anyone attempts to go upstairs to the second floor.
6) Do not open the school doors to let someone in under any circumstances. Please notify the divisional convenors immediately so that the situation can be dealt with.
We are guests in the schools where we play, and we need to follow these few rules so that we can ensure a safe environment for all of our participants and make sure that no damage is done to our host facilities.

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