Practice Schedule

The coaches meeting was held on Wednesday September 18 and the coaches will be contacting the players in the next few days to let them know what team they are on. Below is the practice schedule for next week. The graduate Division players will also be notified of their teams but we do not have their practice schedule at this writing.

Biddy Division Monday September 23

600 Ravens and Tarheels
645 Cavaliers and Vikings
730 Raptors and Magic
815 Suns and Grizzlies

Little Guys Division Tuesday September 24

600 Tarheels and Jayhawks
645 Wildcats and Huskies
730 Mustangs and Wolfpack
815 Hoosiers and Rebels

Girls Division Wednesday September 25

600 Sparks and Starzz
645 Mercury and Comets
730 Storm and Sting
815 Liberty and Monarchs

Little Gals Division Thursday September 26

600 Monarchs and Tigers
645 Golden Gals and Slammers
730 Rockers and Aztecs
815 Lions and Rebels

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